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Some wasps make their nests in holes and crevices, while other species of wasps make their nests in trees, bushes or under decks. They can build big hanging nests which become larger than a basketball.

Warps are known for being very aggressive, so it’s always advised not to disturb wasps nests. If you discover a wasp nest, locate the entry point and stay clear. There are known deaths caused by multiple stings from wasps.

If the homeowner is feeling up to the challenge of ridding a wasp nest themself, there are solutions such as sprays which enable you to stand further away from the nest, to minimise stings when spraying. However if the person is allergic to wasps or simply does not want to take the risk, it’s always best to call a pest control expert to manage the nest.

Do not disturb them.
Do not spray them with fly spray.
Stay calm and call Eclipse Pest Control.

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