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Bait Stations

No Chemical Barrier, only bait stations

For people who don’t want a chemical barrier around the house, bait stations are the answer. Our experienced team set up termite monitoring stations with the termite attractant inside. Once the bait is added, the termites that have been attracted to the termite monitoring station take the poison back to their nest, and pass it on to all their little friends.


Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System

When peace of mind and safety counts, Exterra utilises a closed and locked station with a termite bait less toxic than table salt. You get protection, a product that actually eliminates the entire colony and does so without harming the environment and is safe for you, your family and pets. Exterra is the only Termite Control Product backed by its manufacturer with a promise to repair damage if the product fails to perform.
Exterra are so confident of its extraordinary high level of effectiveness that they back it with a $100,000 Termite Damage Warranty.


How bait station works?

Bait stations are installed below ground out in the yard, and others are positioned within the structure in the vicinity of active termite mud tubes or feeding sites. Below-ground stations normally contain untreated wood until termite activity is detected inside the stations, once it happens the wood is replaced with active ingredient treated material-the bait itself on.


Termite Control Baits